New Trends for Lamps in Melbourne

As new products emerge and design tastes change, the trends for indoor, outdoor, wall and floor lamps in Melbourne change with them. But whatever the lighting needs, there is an impressive choice of designs to buy lights online Australia can trust. Here we are going to look at the latest trends so you can choose the perfect style for your next project.

Top trends for lighting in Melbourne

Table Lamps

Table lamps are more than a light source, they add style and visual interest to a room even when not in use. Today, products such as the LLT Mushroom Black Table Lamp blend classic style with a contemporary feel to give the best of both worlds. They look fantastic in any setting and this mix of old and new is definitely a trend to pay attention to.

Floor Lamps

A statement light that can influence the feel of any room, the floor lamps Melbourne residents choose need to be both practical and stylish. Today, we see many adopting LED lighting for efficiency, but also see floor lamps that provide a more diffused look to maintain the ambient lighting style that compliments décor and adds something extra to any room.

Floor LampsPendant Lighting

Pendant LightingIdeal for spot lighting that illuminates a particular area or feature, pendants are extremely popular ceiling mount lights Australia homeowners love. Again, more contemporary materials and lighting styles can be blended with traditional styles to provide a lighting solution that works extremely well with most décor styles, and offers effective lighting too.


Modern technology has delivered low power LEDs that are extremely efficient yet provide the bright light we need as well. For instance, by choosing an LED Oyster 15w Ceiling Light Melbourne residents can save energy and enjoy powerful lighting in any room. But the other thing with LEDs is the ability to easily add colour to an installation.

A tri colour dimmable LED downlight is not just an effective light source, but provides a choice of colours that transform the feel of a room too. They are great for all kinds of uses, and we are seeing more homes going for the flexibility and fun of colour changing lighting today.


The cost of living has risen for everyone, and there is no doubt that we are all looking for value in everything we buy. Packing in the right features at an affordable price is essential today, and we are seeing that in projects of all kinds. This applies to the life of the fitting too, with LED solutions rapidly increasing in popularity thanks to the low energy use and long life.


Trends are always moving, but we are definitely seeing that the latest technology, with its improved performance and efficiency, is definitely the way forward. Combining that modern tech with traditional style gives a unique feel to lighting, and it is one that has definitely become popular this year.

Being able to use LED, multi-colour and other technologies in more traditional surroundings really is the best of both worlds, and right now it is one that Melbourne is embracing.